UVMapper Pro из станд-элон текстуре мэппинг утилити фо зе креэшион энд модификэшион оф UV координатес фо n-сайдес полигонал 3d моделес...

Перевод под катом, кому надо — поймет, у профи глаз зоркий. :)


UVMapper Professional is a stand-alone texture mapping utility for the creation and modification of UV coordinates for n-sided polygonal 3D models. UVMapper Professional offers multiple, fully configurable viewports with completely interactive 2D and 3D views. It includes planar, box, cylindrical, spherical and polar mapping modes, all of which are available in a realtime, interactive mapping environment. Also included are many other tools such as Relax UVs and Subdivision Surfaces that will allow you to bring your texture mapping skills to the next level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional 3D artist, UVMapper Professional will provide you with everything you need to texture map the most demanding models.

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