Rome - Flowers From Exile (2009)

*Артист: Rome
*Альбом: Flowers From Exile
*Год: 2009
*Стиль: Dark Folk
*Страна: Luxembourg
*Лейбл: Trisol Music Group GmbH
*Формат: mp3@320kbps
*Размер: 99Mb


01. To A Generation Of Destroyers
02. The Accidents Of Gesture
03. Odessa
04. The Secret Sons Of Europe
05. The Hollow Self
06. A Legacy Of Unrest
07. To Die Among Strangers
08. A Culture Of Fragments
09. We Who Fell In Love With The Sea
10. Swords To Rust Hearts To Dust
11. Flowers From Exile
12. Flight In Formation
Total playing time: 43:24

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