Echolyn - Progfest '94: The Official Bootleg (2002) [2CD] lossless

Artist: Echolyn
Country: US
Title Of Album: Progfest '94: The Official Bootleg
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Not On Label – PF94001
Year Of Release: 2002
Quality: FLAC (*tracks+cue,log)
Size: 653 Mb (3% инф. восстановления)
upload: yadisk

Поклонникам прога. Концерт группы на легендарном Прогфесте 94-го года оказался записан настолько удачно, что в итоге группа решила добавить его к своей дискографии.
Альбом продавался на сайте в конце 2002 — начале 2003 года как комплект двух CDr.



Disc One

1 As the World (4:59)
2 Uncle (7:29)
3 Shades (11:57)
4 Here I Am (4:46)
5 A Little Nonsense (4:03)
6 The Cheese Stands Alone (5:37)
7 Memoirs From Between (7:42)
8 Audio Verité (4:52)

Disc Two

1 A Suite for the Everyman (29:05)
2 Encore: Carpe Diem (6:31)


Saturday, 5 November 1994
Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles, California
Mixed by Kevin Gilbert
Mastered by Brett Kull, September/October 2002

Christopher Buzby : keyboards, backing vocals
Tom Hyatt : bass, MIDI pedals
Brett Kull : lead & backing vocals, guitars
Paul Ramsey : drums, percussion
Ray Weston : lead & backing vocals

Recording © echolyn, inc.
Design © Terry Christian 2002
This recording for free distribution only
Sale in any form prohibited by echolyn, inc.

Notes from the person who created the CD-Rs:
This album was only available from the website for a limited time in late 2002 and early 2003. Those who wanted it only had to pay for the CDRs and for shipping (they also had to print out their own artwork). It is no longer available for purchase.


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