Keith Berry - 2005 - The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish

Ели вы знакомы/хотите познакомиться с Drone Ambient, у вас есть хорошие наушники и 44 минуты свободного от всей остальной жизни времени, а может, в поиске просветления вас, как и этого англичанина, Кита Берри, вдохновляют учителя дзэн и суфийские мистики, — тогда вам стоит это попробовать. Культовая работа в жанре .

Label: Crouton
Country: US
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone, Minimal, Ambient
Audio: Flac (img,cue,log)/mp3 (cbr320,stereo)



Keith Berry - 2005 - The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish


1 The Sun Rays Of Another Pale Afternoon Gently Caress My Hatless Head, Sparkling An Imperceptible Combustion Of Illusory Comfort. Your Luminescent Mantle Allures; My Reasons Are First Redeployed, The Disappear Completely While The Glowing Orange Of Your Scales Are Convincing Me To Quicken My Decision. 5:12
2 Cars Keep Passing By; I Feel Like Rebelling To My Immobile Legs. I Always Dreamed Of Translating A Tangible Apprehensiveness Into The Negation Of The Present. Suddenly, Everything Seems Futile, Except Our Intense Look To Each Other. 6:14
3 To Me, It's Just An Oddness, For I Listen Through Fingers And Heart. Even If I Can't Hold You In My Hands, I'd Surely Wish You Had It Instead Of Me. Do You See Me Now? What Form Do I Have? What Colour, Then? 4:53
4 My Backward Voyage To The Spring: Memories Are Smashed To Smithereens. I Never Thought Much About My Schoolmates, Always Had To Enter That Door Much Earlier Than The Others. Little Did I Know I Would Have Met You There. 5:02
5 Can You Elevate Yourself When Surrounded By Dark Waters? I Wish I Knew — I Couldn't Find The Courage To Jump, That November Evening. I'm Paddling To No Avail, Trying To Find You. Your New Condition Put A Distance That We Need To Shorten. 5:17
6 Fuscous Presages Don't Help Remaining Cool. Numberless Reproaches Have Blocked My Escapes And No One Ever Will Give Me A Ride To Your Place. No One Will Miss My Silences, Too. It's Not Really Inestimable — Still It Has A Value To Me. You Just Seem Not To Care; An Eternity Awaits For You To Understand. 4:04
7 Knelt Over The Water, My Whole Being Is A Perfect Zero If Looked From Above. My Devoutness To Intuition Will Deliver Me From Sorrow. 5:43
8 Tomorrow I'll Become Adult: Still I Don't Know Why Should I. Levigating New Angles Of Harsh Realities Is Not What I Am Supposed To Learn. 0:59
9 You Left Me Behind — But I Can Swim. 6:24

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