Bernard Falaise - Clic (2007)

Performer: Bernard Falaise
Album: Clic
Year: 2007
Country: Canada
Label: Ambiances Magnétiques
Catalog #: AM 174
Genre: improvisation / avant-garde / avant-prog / RIO
Quality: mp3, VBR V1 ~235 kbt/s, joint stereo
Size: 82 mb


Bernard Falaise - Clic (2007)

Сольный альбом монреальского композитора и гитариста, игравшего в замечательных авант-проговых группах Miriodor и les Projectionnistes (все можно легко отыскать на ноунэйме). Разовый студийный сет, что еще добавить, состав музыкантов говорит за себя :)
Хайли и стронгли рекоммендед.

Рецензия с сайта канадского фестиваля Actuelle:
Clic consists in a group of six pieces written in the studio. The musicians never actually performed this music together; they recorded their overdubs one by one. Most of the material had been composed beforehand, but part of it came to be in reaction to what the musicians were playing, occasionally through improvisation. With Clic, what I wanted to do was to experiment with unusual metronomic applications. For instance, the ever-changing tempo in Yéti; the superimposed tempi in Mule, Thon, Neuf, and Fête; the tempo changes in Neuf, etc. Also, Watt and Clic feature two-part canons, each with its own tempo.
Most of this music would be near impossible to perform live. It was written specifically for a record. I like the idea that the record is to cinema what the concert is to theatre. Filming a play rarely makes a good movie.
In the course of this record, you will find (more or less obvious) tributes to and winks at the following musicians: Aksak Maboul, Anthony Braxton, Captain Beefheart, Franco Donatoni, Les Granules, Conlon Nancarrow, Igor Stravinsky, and Robert Wyatt. (BF)

1. Allô
2. Tricheur Muestra en Sampler
3. Watt
4. Thon
5. Lime
6. Tour
7. Mule
8. Yéti
9. Fête
10. Neuf
11. Luna
12. Moka
13. Clic

Bernard Falaise — guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, keys, percussion, tourne-disque, diverse manipulations
Jean Derome — alto saxophone, flutes
Lori Freedman — clarinet, bass clarinet
Gordon Allen — tumpet
Julien Grégoire — marimba
Jean Martin — drums, percussion
Tom Walsh — trombone

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