Second Hand - Reality 1968 (Re-Issue 2007)

Universum Records UR 5005
Rock, Psychedelic


Second Hand was a somewhat obscure British psychedelic band from the late 1960s, though even on their first record from 1968 they were showing progressive touches earlier than most bands.
The group led by Ken Elliott was originally called The Next Collection in the mid-1960s. They changed their name to Moving Finger and in 1968 the group was signed with Polydor Records, but when it was discovered that another band already had that name, they renamed themselves Second Hand, in reference to the fact that all their instruments and other gear had been bought used. At this time the group consisted of Elliot on keyboards and vocals, Bob Gibbons on lead guitar, Kieran O'Connor on drums, and Nick South on bass, and on their debut recording Chris Williams as guest musician added cello, flute, and saxophone. Polydor released the record, Reality, that same year. The record is often considered a few years ahead of its time, though the vocals are a little weak. In 1969 the opening track of the LP, "A Fairy Tail" was released as a 45 single.

by Rolf Semprebon, allmusic

01 A Fairy Tail
02 Rhubarb!
03 Denis James The Clown
04 Steam Tugs
05 Good Old '59 (We Are Slowly Getting Older)
06 The World Will End Yesterday
07 Denis James (Ode To D.J.)
08 Mainliner
09 Reality
10 The Bath Song
11 A Fairy Tale (Demo Version)
12 [untitled]

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