Honeyelk - En Quete D'un Monde Meilleur (1979 - 2009)

Artist: Honeyelk
Album: En Quete D'un Monde Meilleur...
Year: 1979 (reissue — 2009, MALS)
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Zeuhl
Format: FLAC (separate) +CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 258 Mb

Source: my CD collection

Usually i HATE zeuhl music... But THIS album is a real MASTERPIECE, imho!
I rate it higher than the Dun's album! ***** (5 stars!)


ProgArchives, zebehnn:
This is a obsucure and very rare zeuhl album by this french group, And it is infact very good, if you are into Magma and such you will love this album. The first song is insanely good, and the rest of the album is just as good. It can sometimes remind me of 1001 degrees centigrade (the horns) The only thing that drags this album down is some of the vocals are a little weak at times, but overall a excelent album worth tracking down.

1. Stoyz (Duel à Vie) (11:33)
---a) Rencontre avec la vie
---b) Combat pour l'Harmonie
---c) Naissance de la Sensibilité
2. Do Zé Vé Loy (Terres de Sagesse) (14:16)
3. Osmose (live) (CD-Bonus) (4:50)
4. Rencontre d'un soir (impro) (CD-Bonus) (7:34)
5. Message En Breaks (CD-Bonus) (1:41)
6. Qu'une même lumière guide nos pas (CD-Bonus) (1:21)

Total Time: 41:15

— William Grandordy / piano, synthesizer
— Gérard Blanc / bass, vocals
— Pierre Yves Maury / clarinet, saxophone
— Christian Blanc / drums, percussion, vocals
— Frank Louisolo / guitars

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