Calliope - 1995 Il Madrigale Del Vento

Artist: Calliope
Album: Il Madrigale Del Vento
Year: 1995
Country; Italy
Label: Vinyl Magic VNMP015
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Symphonic, ecletic prog
Format: ape (image) with cue,log, md5 e audiochecker
artcover: yes, full
Size: MB ( % recovery)
Source: my cd collection

New Italian Progressive band, Calliope is a based-keyboards quartet which uses only old vocals. This Italian band features voice, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. The compositions make use of plenty of Italian lyrics, Hammond organ, electric guitar and energetic rhythms. The sounds are rich, varied and mostly electric. This music is faithful to Italian tradition and relies on an energetic approach and an imposing sound. They are one of the more promising progressive rock bands of the modern Italian scene, especially if you like the rich, 70s analog symphonic sound. It's like Latte & Miele, Le Orme, But Also Premiata Forneria Marconi.


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1. The land of may / Terra di maggio (16:10)
2. The birth of the moon / La nascita della luna (6:22)
3. En haute de crete (swiss traditional) / En haute de crete (4:16)
3. The fair plait (lyrics by F. Landini, 14th century / La bionda treccia (4:32)
4 The time are you / Il tempo sei tu (3:16)
5. The vision of the sweet rain / La visione della dolce pioggia (17:19)
Total Time: 51:55

— Annalisa Gastaldo / lead vocals
— Rinaldo Doro / keyboards
— Enrico Perrucci / keyboards
— Gianni Catalano / drums
— Aldo Mari / guitar
— Lele Tosches / bass

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