Gryphon - 1998 Ethelion

Artist: Gryphon
Album: Ethelion (Live)
Year: 1998
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Highland, HL 224 #GR1
Style: Progressive rock.
Genre: Art rock, Prog Folk.
Format: ape (image) with cue,log, md5 e audiochecker
artcover: yes, full
Size: 281MB (5% recovery)
Source: my cd collection

Gryphon was founded in 1973 by Richard HARVEY (recorder, keys) and Brian GULLAND (bassoon, krumhorn) after a stint at the Royal Acadamy of Music. They shared a vision of blending traditional English folk, Baroque instrumentation and Renaissance music in a modern format. The compositions resemble those of Gentle Giant but give greater emphasis to the authentic textures and sounds of the Renaissance period.


Harvey and Gulland were joined in 1973 by Graeme TAYLOR on guitar and singer/percussionist David OBERLE for their all-acoustic first album 'Gryphon'. Bassist Philip NESTOR was added to the line up in 1974 for their second effort 'Midnight Mushrumps', which featured an increased number of original compositions and leanings in a rock direction. Later that year their classic 'Red Queen to Gryphon Three' was released and has become a prog rock staple with its longer, somewhat more symphonic arrangements and courtly instrumental rock.
The mid-1970s brought big changes to the band with new bass player Malcom BENNET taking over for Nestor. In 1977, guitarist Graeme Taylor left to be replaced by Bob FOSTER, bassist Jonathan DAVIE replaced Bennett, and Oberle switched to lead voice with Alex BAIRED taking over on drums. Tim SEBASTIAN was also brought in as a lyricist to complete the ever-growing unit. 'Raindance' was released in 1975 and 'Treason' in '77, establishing GRYPHON as a top-notch prog rock act.With a seamless fusion of British folk and medieval rock, GRYPHON developed a strong sound all their own and a loyal following.

Tracks Listing:
1. Ethelion* (7:01)
2. Midnight Mushrumps* (7:31)
3. Sailor's Jig* (4:20)
4. Wallbanger** (3:50)
5. The Last Flash of Gaberdine Tailor** (4:05)
6. "Le Cabrioleur Est Dans Le Mouchoir"** (2:14)
7. (Ein Klein) Heldenleben** (16:37)
* King Biscuit Flour Hour, recorded live at Boston Gardens, USA, December 11, 1974 ** BBC Sessions, 1975.
Total Time: 45:43

Line-up :
— Richard Harvey / keyboards, recorders, crumhorn
— Brian Gulland / bassoon, crumhorns
— David Oberlé / drums, timpani, percussion,
— Graeme Taylor / guitars
— Philip Nestor / bass guitar(*)
— Malcom BENNET / bass guitar(**)

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