Douglas Spotted Eagle - Voices (1999)

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Genre: Native American


Douglas Spotted Eagle is a man of many talents: flautist, film score composer, producer, author, activist, and performer with the Voices of Native America Tour. As a young man, he abandoned his rock & roll dreams for family, returning to music by his mid-20's in the wake of his late marriage. Spotted Eagle picked up the flute of his boyhood, and shortly thereafter distinguished himself as the first recording artist to combine Native American flute with synthesizer. And here, on his 14th solo recording, during the making of which his teenage son died, Spotted Eagle has again channeled his considerable loss into a work unlike any other. More fiery than earlier recordings, Voices is a blend of ethnic contemporary: jazzy horns and guitars, a dense undercurrent of meaty drum & bass beats, R&B-style crooning, and traditional Diné vocals by friends and tribal elders. And at the center of it all soars Spotted Eagle's unmistakably flamboyant flute lines. A bit rich for some tastes, Voices is a sonic journey of absorption.

01 — Dances
02 — Voices
03 — My Little One
04 — Closer To Heaven
05 — Red Storm Rising
06 — Seneca Falls
07 — Beautiful, She Becomes
08 — Tears Alone
09 — Grandfather's Song
10 — Walk In Beauty
11 — I Miss You
12 — We Are Still Here
13 — I Miss You

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