Исполнитель: NORTHERN WIND
Альбом: 8
Genre: Native American
Quality: 192
Size: 112.52 Мб.


One of the most respected Ojibway drum groups ever to tour the pow wow circuit is back with their fifth Arbor incredible pow wow album! “Whispering Winds” is a thought of spirituality and represents the journey here on mother earth. It is essentially one of the main components of the four sacred directions in Native American spirituality. Northern Wind believes that the winds that breathe upon us carry spiritual messages between man and the creator.

Northern Wind Vol. 8. Northern Wind (Ojibwa). Sunshine Records SSCT 4271 (Vol. . Northern Plains style music.
Lead Singer: Gabe Desrosiers
Singers: Farrel Desrosiers, Harvey Goodsky, Eddie Greene, Justin Handorgan, Dean Jourdain, Bruce & Rod Crow, Mike Fisher & Pat Skead

01. Traditional Song;
02. Intertribal;
03. Crow Hop;
04. Intertribal;
05. Jingle Dress;
06. Intertribal;
07. Intertribal;
08. Grass Dance;
09. Intertribal;
10. Intertribal;
11. Shake;
12. Woman’s Traditional

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