Marauders of the Dune Sea

Смерть скользит промеж дюн
Мародёры Моря Дюн приключение для персонажей 2-го уровня по D&D 4-ой редакции в мире Тёмного Солнца (Dark Sun).


Nightmares of desert horrors trouble the dreams of the innocent while raiders grow ever bolder beyond the
walls of the great city-state of Tyr. Bandits and merchants chase rumors of a temple hidden in the desert, an ancient shrine to the primordial Ul-Athra said to safeguard a fragment of the artifact known as the Crown of Dust. Can the heroes recover a caravan lost in the wastes, repel the threat of vicious raiders, and win the relic from the perilous temple?
Marauders of the Dune Sea™ is a stand-alone DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure for 2nd-level characters. It is designed for the DARK SUN® campaign setting, but the adventure also fits easily into any campaign that includes a desert. It features an easy-to-run encounter format and a full-color, double-sided battle map.

Язык: английский
Объём: 34 страницы
Файл: 7 771 712 байт
Качество: скан (закладки, вполне читабельный, но на мой взгляд излишне выхолощенный, OCR)
Обменник: MediaFire


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