East West Quantum Leap - Hardcore Bass XP

East West Quantum Leap — Hardcore Bass XP
TEAM CoBaLT | WiN/MAC | 4.08 GB
Upgrade VSTi, DXi, AU, RTAS Hybrid DVDR

"Hardcore Bass XP is the best sounding; most flexible instrument in its class for modern and classic rock and R&B applications. It’s got the kind of bite and girth you can only get from sampling top-notch instruments through a killer signal path." — EQ Review (EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AWARD)


Nothing is overlooked: release samples, automatic alternation of up and down picking, keyswitching, legatos, fx, slides, and stacato stopping are all included. Plus, all of the samples were recorded through both a modern and a vintage 1960s bass rig, enabling you to mix between the two signal paths to create your own unique tone.

From Quantum Leap producers Nick Phoenix and Pierre Martin, Hardcore Bass XP is now available as an upgrade for registered owners of the original Hardcore Bass. Hardcore Bass XP includes an additional 4 Gigs of bass instruments.

Hardcore Bass XP is slightly different from the original Hardcore Bass, due to the way it was recorded, and the way it is presented. Hardcore Bass XP is really more of a vintage, broad use, bass library. In addition to the original library we wanted to give you the option of getting a completely authentic, vintage bass sound, as
a more hi-fi vintage sound.

The sound is still the sound of a mic'd cabinet, but this time we used two cabinets. All of the samples are stereo. The right channel is the sound of a 50's Ampeg rig, mic'd with an RCA 44 ribbon mic into a Manley tube signal path. The left channel is the sound of an 80's large Ampeg rig mic'd with a Sennheiser 451 dynamic mic into a Neve solid state signal path. The difference in sound between the two signal paths is huge. You can use the library as a stereo bass library, but the intended use is this: Whatever bus that the bass will end up passing through, should be set to mono. If you are using an outboard mixer, you can send the Hardcore Bass XP stereo output into two separate channels, and set them to dual mono (2 channels both panned dead center). If you are mixing inside of an audio program like Logic Audio, the Hardcore Bass XP VSTi will be stereo. You must assign the output to a mono bus, even though the Hardcore Bass VSTi is a stereo instrument. By sending the output to a mono bus, you are sending both sides of the stereo signal to a single, center panned, channel. Now, the pan control (CC10), in Hardcore Bass XP functions as a mixer between the 2 signal paths. The bass will be panned in the center but the pan will control the tone. More bottom and top end from the left channel and all dirty midrange from the right.

Like the original,Hardcore Bass XP is very good at making aggressive
bass sounds, but also shines in the softer areas as well. There are
fingered as well as picked basses and a really nice fretless.

Massive 6 Gigabytes of detailed multisamples!
Includes 7 of the most used Electric Basses:
1961 Fender Jazz Fretless (fingered)
1963 H?fner (picked and fingered)
1965 Gibson (picked)
1966 Silvertone (picked and fingered)
1972 Rickenbacker (picked)
Musicman Stingray Bass
Lakland 5594 5-String Basses
Excellent at making authentic realistic bass sounds
Fingered as well as picked basses plus an amazing fretless bass included
All of samples were recorded through a modern bass rig and a vintage rig from the 60s, enabling you to mix between the two signal paths.

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