VA - Rebel Rock: The Essential Rockabilly Album (2011)

Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly Series.

Artist: Various Artists
Type: Compilation 2CD (Metro Select METRSL 024, UK)
Year: 2011 CD Release:11 July 2011
Style: Rockabilly / Rock 'n' Roll
Country: United Kingdom
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VA - Rebel Rock: The Essential Rockabilly Album (2011)

Rebel Rock: New ‘essential collection’ for Rockabilly fans.

Before rock ‘n’ roll there was rockabilly – a pounding, raucous mixture of country, boogie woogie and rhythm and blues. Or as Carl Perkins once described it: “a country man’s song with a black man’s rhythm …with some of the slow blues licks speeded up”.

Rockabilly influenced Britain’s first Teddy Boys in the mid-1950s and paved the way for the classic leather jacket-wearing ‘rockers’ of the late 50s and early 60s. Most significantly, though, it laid the musical foundation stone for The Beatles who, inspired by the likes of Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Buddy Holly, went on to change the face of pop music forever.

An impressive new compilation album, titled Rebel Rock — The Essential Rockabilly Album, captures all of the raw excitement and good-time sounds of early rockabilly.

It contains 50 tracks on two CDs and features rockabilly legends like Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Bill Haley, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Feathers, and many more.

Classic songs include ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, ‘Lonesome Train’ (check out the Johnny Burnette video below), ‘Rocket 88’, ‘Be Bop A Lula’, ‘High School Confidential’, ‘Don’t Mess With My (Duck Tail)’, and Buddy Holly’s 1957 single ‘Rock Around With Ollie Vee’.

VA - Rebel Rock: The Essential Rockabilly Album (2011)

VA - Rebel Rock: The Essential Rockabilly Album (2011)



01. Carl Perkins — Blue Suede Shoes
02. Johnny Burnette — Lonesome Train
03. Bill Haley And The Saddlemen — Rocket 88
04. Eddie Cochran — Skinny Jim
05. Gene Vincent — Be Bop A Lula
06. Charlie Feathers — One Hand Loose
07. Johnny Cash — Big River
08. Buddy Holly — Rock Around With Ollie Vee
09. Warren Smith — Rock N Roll Ruby
10. Jimmy Wages — Miss Pearl
11. Jerry Lee Lewis — High School Confidential
12. Don Willis — Boppin' High School Baby
13. Ronnie Self — Bop — A — Lena
14. Roy Orbison — Domino
15. Bill Allen — Please Give Me Something
16. Billy Lee Riley — Flying Saucers Rock N Roll
17. Bob Luman — Red Hot
18. Eddie Bond — Boppin' Bonnie
19. Charlie Rich — Right Behind You Baby
20. George Thumper Jones — Rock It
21. Hank Mizell — Jungle Rock
22. Barbara Pittman — I Need A Man
23. Johnny Horton — The Woman I Need
24. Don Woody — Barking Up The Wrong Tree
25. Jody Reynolds — Endless Sleep


01. Wanda Jackson — Fujiyama Mama
02. The Phantom — Love Me
03. Johnny Carroll — Hot Rock
04. Marvin Rainwater — Hot And Cold
05. Carl Mann — Mona Lisa
06. Ricky Nelson — Believe What You Say
07. Webb Pierce — Teenage Boogie
08. Sid King And The Five Strings — Sag, Drag And Fall
09. Mac Curtis — That Ain'T Nothin' But Right
10. Al Ferrier — No No Baby
11. Sonny Burgess — Ain'T Got A Thing
12. Skeets Macdonald — Heartbreakin' Mama
13. Buck Griffin — Stutterin' Papa
14. Charlie Bop Trio — Mr Big Feet
15. Jack Scott — Leroy
16. Dale Hawkins — Little Pig
17. Andy Starr — Rockin' Rollin Stone
18. Hayden Thompson — Love Me Baby
19. Sleepy Labeef — All The Time
20. Sonny Fisher — Rockin' Daddy
21. Ray Harris — Come On Little Mama
22. Miller Sisters — Ten Cats Down
23. Roy Hall And His Jumping Cats — Three Alley Cats
24. Andy Anderson — Johnny Valentine
25. Joe Clay — Don'T Mess With My (Duck Tail

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